AG-Port operates in a special industry area, where expertise, knowledge of the client’s processes and problem solving with a short notice is a prerequisite.  AG-Port has exceptionally vast knowledge of many customers’ technologies for example boilers and rotary kilns. Material choices are always based on strict quality criteria. Knowledge of the process as well as of chemical and thermal stress, need to be understood especially well, for a successful and sustainable solution.


AG-Port’s services range from material supply and installation services to comprehensive turn-key project deliveries (concept definition, design, engineering, materials, installation and supervision) in all areas where refractory linings exist. We help our customers in demanding technical troubleshoot and R&D questions and co-operate with wide range of material suppliers who we consider to represent highest technology in the refractory business.


The project execution model, which is the foundation for good partnership, include thorough planning of the project and schedule which give the customer a clear picture of the project at each stage of work. Division of responsibilities and duties are agreed in the beginning of each project.





Energy production

Energy sector forms the main part of AG-Port’s business volume. Energy sector covers variety of energy producing equipment such as BFB and CFB boilers oil and gas boilers, gasifiers, pyrolysis equipment and waste incinerators. AG-Port’s service portfolio include new refractory lining deliveries, maintenance and retrofits. We co-operate with original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s), maintenance companies and end users.


AG-Port’s technical knowledge in energy sector, boiler technology and processes relating to refractories are on exceptionally high level. Demanding design work and engineering is done with 3D software and it enables more accurate concept definition and estimation right from beginning.


Pulp & Paper

AG-Port offers turn-key refractory services to all pulp mill equipment where refractory linings exist.


Main component at the pulp mill, which requires professionally executed refractory system, is the rotary kiln (lime sludge kiln). AG-Port’s way of addressing the kiln technology always starts from the customer’s needs where process variables are evaluated in order to find best material combination. We respect customers’ past experience with the material selection but we will also find new ways of executing maintenance work effectively and sustainably. Our common target with the customers is improving availability and life time of the kiln refractory system. In case of un-expected events, AG-Port’s maintenance program include 24/7 stand-by service and a material storage located in Tampere to ensure quick response times.


Cement & lime

Different pyroprocessing stages of cement and lime production – such as cement rotary kilns, preheating / calcining cyclones and lime shaft kilns – require durable and reliable refractory installations. AG-Port offering consists of all necessary refractory services to these equipment.


 The kiln technology in cement and lime industry follow same high quality principles as in pulp & paper sector installations.



AG-Port deliver materials and installations to metal industry for example foundries. Our material delivery program consists of bricks, monolithics, insulating materials and steel fibres.


Installation services are provided with the same high quality and modern installation methods as in all other AG-Port´s business areas. We constantly look for better and more sophisticated installation methods and aim for close partnership with our customers.


Fibres & Insulation

High temperature insulation requires special ceramic fibres and microporous insulation materials. Material safety is priority, therefore we stock and promote low biopersistent alkaline earth silicate (AES) fibres which are exonerated from the carcinogen classification in the European Union under the terms of NOTA Q of European Directive 67/548/EEC. However, traditional refractory ceramic fibres (RCF), aluminosilicates and polycrystalline products are available by request.


Fibre and insulation related products and services can be applied in various industries ranging from heat treatment ovens and reformer units to other structural insulation and fire protection – for example road tunnels.


Fibre business area also include steel fibres which can be supplied in many dimensions and steel qualities.



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